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New Fitness Gym Wear Website Launched

Its been an honour to work with the team at Freedom Fitness Gym Wear (Freedom Fitness Official) – Zoe and her team have been brilliant, punctual and informative in the instructions to produce their new National (and eventually International!) website, for their new brand FREEDOM FITNESS.  During this time our design team have been thrust countless pictures of models working out in the gym – its truly been a nightmare for them, all those women posing in tight gym wear – please spare a thought for them, during the adjustment period as they regain their grasp of normality once again!.

The website is practically handed over to the client, with it currently being “switched to a holding screen” whilst the client loads the remaining of the products into the web store.  The ethos of the “winged” logo, is because, Zoe, the owner of the business has been one of the unfortunate ones who fold out recently that she never had a job to return too , as THOMAS COOK, had closed down without any warning – her 12 year “stint” as a cabin crew assistant was well and truly over.  You can read more in her ABOUT US section on her website.