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Rise in Car Break ins without damage

Our home-based workshop is in “Weston Village”, a friendly community within Weston-super-Mare, unfortunately at the moment there seems to be a huge spike in CAR BREAK INS (as well as multiple incidents of mindless vandalism!)  – multiple residents are reporting finding their vehicle unlocked with zero damage to the vehicle, there are a number of devices that can be EASILY purchased to open a vehicle without damage, one of them is an RFID RELAY BOX, look at this video below from the Midlands Police for more information on how this EASY TO USE and EASY TO PURCHASE device works…


Although the relay device signal can pass through doors, walls and windows, it cannot penetrate metal, so storing your keys inside a metal container, a signal blocking wallet (there are plenty on eBay, I have just ordered this one (2 pieces for less than a fiver delivered!) -) or even a microwave will safeguard your vehicle against an attack.  You can of course store them within a metal box  (such as an old quality street box)! – its always worth noting that SOME keys have a small button to switch OFF the RFID.


Use THIS LINK to show all devices on eBay

Use THIS LINK to show all devices on

Would you like us to stock them here ? Let us know !


We spoke to Steven Jakeway of a popular limited car club, who has done extensive testing on “Faraday Pouches” (the signal blocker wallets) and has said that the DEFENDER (official Defender Signal Blockers) are, in his opinion, the best! We have just ordered a couple from HERE at £5.99 each… There are other suppliers ranging from £4.50 to £7.99 – check out a complete eBay list of DEFENDER SIGNAL BLOCKER SELLERS here


  • Removing everything from the car; don’t even leave a jacket where it can be seen
  • Closing the sunroof along with the windows when you leave
  • Not storing things in the boot; take them with you
  • Storing car ownership information in your home, not your car
  • Having a routine to ensure you always take the keys out of the ignition
  • Taking removable stereos and sat nav equipment with you
  • In addition, using secure (theft resistant) number plates can make your plates less attractive to thieves
  • THINK – where are you parking? Is it secluded can it be seen by you/neighbours


Can we ask if you know anyone involved in any teams, sports, schools or has need for trophies and awards, you let them know about our reliable family run business