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Perpetual Engraving – Adding Names To Existing Trophies

Perpetual Engraving (Adding Names To Existing Trophies) – is the process of (usually yearly) adding names on to existing trophies, which requires dropping the trophies off to our workshop (location) in Weston-super-Mare, and then returning to collect the trophies once they are complete (this can be anything from same day to up to 2 weeks, depending on the time of year and season).


Our in-house engraver will add the names on to your trophies using modern or traditional engraving techniques and equipment, there are various methods of perpetual engraving such as:

  • Flat Surface Perpetual Engraving
  • Rounded Surface Perpetual Engraving
  • Cup/Tankard Perpetual Engraving
  • Salver Perpetual Engraving
  • Adding Plaques Engraving
  • Adding small shields Engraving


Each job is different and pricing can sometimes be a bit of a minefield, we are pleased to say that we haven’t increased our prices for engraving for OVER 8 YEARS – in-fact due to new technology we have DECREASED the price on a few of our services in the past 2 years. As a guide price we can estimate that:

  • Flat Engraving – a flat surface removable plate adding a name around £7.75
  • Rounded Engraving, such as a band or curved plate, around £8.75
  • Cup/Tankard engraving – direct to the cup or tankard, for adding names this is around £8.75 – £10.75 depending on size
  • Adding Plaques – small engraved pieces of metal stuck/nailed on to awards – this is around £3.50 – £7.75
  • Adding Small Shields to larger shields – the shields are £3 if one is required , the engraving is between £5 – 7.75

The prices quoted are PERPETUAL ENGRAVING PRICES – PER LINE, discounts on multiple lines on the same award, discounts available on club/group multiple awards.